A family-based organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities


Cattaraugus EMPCONN_12415cm_0307.jpgObtaining competitive, integrated employment is often more involved than completing a job application. Employment specialists in Arc chapters are skilled at guiding individuals with developmental disabilities through the process of vocational exploration, job identification, interviewing, and on-the-job coaching, to support successful employment.  

Staff at The Arc Chapters can help individuals decide if they are interested in finding a job in the community. If so, employment specialists will support the individual in developing the necessary skills, finding a suitable job, succeeding in the workplace.

Prevocational services focus on identifying vocational interests and sharpening job-specific skills, and global job skills, such as employer expectations and workplace behavior. Competitive, community-based employment is the ultimate goal. Prevocational services can be provided in an Arc chapter facility or in the community individually or in small groups.