Quality & Compliance

The Quality and Compliance Department oversees the quality and compliance efforts of the organization’s operating Chapters. Our Department views quality and compliance as different, but closely related, concepts.  Compliance is meeting the minimum service standards set forth in law, regulation or policy. Quality is seen as exceeding the minimum requirements, providing services that fulfill and enrich the quality of life for the people we serve. 

The Department is responsible for ensuring that all Chapters have effective compliance programs in place; developing and distributing model compliance program policies, templates, and forms; serving as a compliance resource for all Chapters; and monitoring each Chapter’s compliance program and reports. The Department is also responsible for defining, reviewing and refining internal quality benchmarks and quality improvement programs; assessing and promoting best practices; establishing a quality improvement process that incorporates identifying, collecting, analyzing, and communicating key metrics; and evaluating and recommending initiatives. The Quality and Compliance staff facilitate  training and learning opportunities, as well as the sharing of resources throughout the organization.