#bFair2DirectCare Rally

Here is the program for our upcoming Guardianship Training Symposium. Below are the speaker presentations and other materials related to each workshop.

Presentation 1 – Pre Conference Intensive:
Transforming End of Life Care with the MOLST Program: Improving Quality and Honoring Preferences for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities near the End of Life, Presented by Dr. Patricia Bomba and Lisa Volpe, Esq.

1.       Landmark Legislation in NY Affirms – 17 Widener L. Rev 475

2.       Beyond Being Mortal: Safeguarding Rights of People with Developmental Disabilities

3.       Advanced Care Planning MOLST – PowerPoint Notepad

4.       Advanced Care Planning

5.       MOLST Brochure

6.       MOLST Form DOH 2003

7.       Handout – MHLS.EOL FAQ 10-17

8.       Bookmark

Presentation 2 – Keynote Speaker – Dr. Stephen Birchak

1.       PowerPoint Presentation will be provided after the Symposium

Presentation 3 – Supported Decision-Making: Protecting Rights, Ensuring Choices, Presented by Jonathan G. Martinis, Esq.

1.       Supported Decision-Making: Protecting Rights, Ensuring Choices

2.       Can Supported Decision Making and Guardianship Coexist PowerPoint Notepad

Presentation 4 – A View from the Bench: Guardianship Issues and Challenges, Presented by Lisa K. Friedman, Esq, Honorable David H. Guy (Broome County), Honorable John S. Hall, Jr. (Warren County), Honorable Stacy L. Pettit (Albany County) and Honorable Ava S. Raphael (Onondaga County Chapter)

1.       Recent Developments in SCPA Article 17-A Proceedings

2.       SCPA Article 17-A guardianship Statute Revisited

3.       Revisiting SCPA 17-A Guardianship for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

4.       Matter of DD

5.       Comments of the Surrogate’s Association of the State of New York

6.       Questions for Judges Panel – 10/23/17

7.       In re Brandon M

8.       In re Margaret YY

9.       In re Guardianship of Kevin Z

10.     In re Guardian of Derek

Presentation 5 – Supported Decision-Making and SDMNY, Presented by Nancy Succoso, Kristin Booth Glen, Esq., Matthew Smith, Esq., and Joan Cornachio

1.       Supported Decision-Making and the Human Right of Legal Capacity

2.       Guardianship Alternatives Frequently Asked Questions

3.       Ensuring the Rights of New Yorkers with ID/DD to Make their Own Decisions

4.       Project Statement

5.       Supported Decision-Making PowerPoint Notepad

Presentation 6 – Litigation and Legislation:  Looking at Decision Making Through Different Lenses, Presented by Lawrence R. Faulkner, Esq., Christy A. Coe., Kathryn E. Jerian, Esq., Sheila E. Shea, Esq., Jennifer Monthie, Esq., and Tara Ann Pleat, Esq.

1.       Assembly Bill Number 5840 (2017)

2.       Assembly Bill Number 8171 (2017)

3.       Senate Bill Number 1983 (2015-2016)

4.       Legislative Memorandum of Mental Hygiene Legal Services (S. 4983)

5.       Legislation and Litigation PowerPoint Notepad

6.       DRNY Analysis of 17-A Legislation

7.       Memorandum on Issues Regarding A 8171

Presentation 7 – Self-Determination, Decision-Making Supports and Planning for the Future, Presented by Robin Shaffert, JD and Nicole Jorwic, JD

1.       National Guardianship Association – Standards and Practices (2013)

2.       Self-Determination PowerPoint Notepad

Presentation 8 – New Paradigms in Decision-Making: Guardianship Reform and Supported Decision-Making, Presented by Nina A. Kohn, Esq.

1.       Practical Tool for Lawyers: Steps in Supporting Decision-Making

2.       Uniform Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Protective Arrangements Act

3.       PowerPoint Presentation will be provided after the Symposium