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The Leadership Test: 6 Questions that Transform People & Organizations

Wednesday, November 2, 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Speaker: Drew Dudley, Day One Leadership

This presentation focuses on empowering individuals at all levels of an organization to call themselves leaders. In this engaging and story-driven keynote, Drew shows audiences how to be more conscious and consistent in creating powerful moments of everyday leadership. Drew demonstrates that there is a form of leadership that is driven by a daily commitment to acting on six core values: impact, courage, growth, empowerment, class, and self-respect. “The Leadership Test” is a series of value-driving questions designed to ensure that commitment, and while the questions may be simple, the behavioral changes they generate build better careers, stronger organizations, and more fulfilling lives.

Sharing stories from small-town Canada to the deserts of Qatar, and insights from leaders of all types--CEOs, elite athletes, cab drivers, custodians, and everyone in between—this presentation will change the way you think about leadership in your life, workplace, and community.

About Drew Dudley:


Somewhere around the middle of his undergraduate education, Drew realized engaging with the world was a lot more fun than writing papers about it.

While still a student he became heavily involved in Canada’s largest post-secondary charitable initiative in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada, eventually serving as the National Chair of the organization. As he moved into his career, he took on the challenge of creating and building the Leadership Development Program at the University of Toronto, which became the largest and most dynamic in the country.

It was those leadership students who changed the course of Drew’s professional life: they secretly organized a campaign to put him onstage at TEDxToronto 2010, where he delivered a talk that would go on to generate more than 5 million views around the web. A high-achieving lifestyle took its toll however: undiagnosed bipolar disorder set the foundation for binge eating and drinking, and Drew grew to over 300 pounds while struggling with the emotional challenges of a career that kept him on the road 250 days a year.

Drew credits the Day One process with saving his life—he began applying the process to improving his mental and physical health. Recognizing how many people were struggling silently with similar battles, Drew began infusing these experiences into his keynotes, hoping to remind people that their scars in no way stand in the way of their leadership.

In 2018, Drew shared both his story and the Day One process in his first book This is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters. Today, Drew continues to travel the world sharing the Day One process with organizations of all kinds—aiming to redefine leadership for as many people as possible.

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