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How Strong, Prepared, and Interconnected Advocacy Networks Make The Biggest Impact

"How Strong, Prepared, and Interconnected Advocacy Networks Make the Biggest Impact"

Many, if not all of us, have received the “call-to-action” alert directing us to contact our elected representatives on an urgent matter. That action alone is critically important, but as with any effective campaign, it is one of many pieces that must come together. In order to respond to immediate challenges, we must be fully ready with the tools necessary to succeed. This panel will explore the various aspects of campaigns, their relevance, and impact. We will discuss how planning, writing letters, collecting personal stories, networking with external organizations, grassroots connections, knowing allies, generating media, and more, all come together to achieve our advocacy goals. Current policy updates will be used as examples throughout the panel. You do not want to miss it!

Moderator:  Peter V. Berns, Chief Executive Officer, The Arc of the United States


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