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Thomas A. Maul Direct Support Professional Excellence Awards

Thursday, OCTOBER 21, 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 p.M.

Presented annually to four Direct Support Professionals (DSP) employed by a Chapter of The Arc New York, this award recognizes DSPs who consistently demonstrate excellence, creativity and commitment in providing supports to people with IDD. Please join us as we congratulate all of this year’s nominees and recipients and thank them for a job well done. A must-attend award!

Click here to watch the full recording of this awards presentation.

Marc Brannigan.jpg   

Marc has been with the Clinton County Chapter for 27 years and is incredibly inspired, creative and motivated. Over the course of his career at the Advocacy and Resource Center, he has spearheaded many projects and programs and has initiated many events to benefit and enrich the lives of people supported. Currently, Marc works in conjunction with the Community Prevocational Program and the IRA program, in the role of Recreational Coordinator for the individuals supported. Marc takes it upon himself to find and set up incredible opportunities for the individuals he supports and publishes a monthly recreational calendar.

Michael Borelli - Jefferson-St lawrence.jpg   

In his two-decade career at The Arc Jefferson-St. Lawrence, Mike has become a staff member that will do anything asked and always keeps the interests of people supported by the agency in all activities. He started as a direct support staff person working at a day habilitation and quickly was selected to join the crisis support team. Mike took on this role, as he does with all tasks, with enthusiasm and care. Mike is a role model for newer staff, acting in a mentor capacity to assist people as they get trained on-site. He creates strong relationships with people supported by the agency and inspires staff to do the same. Mike shows staff that they need to know the likes and interests of the people they work with to help them attain their life goals.

Sheila Taylor.jpg

Sheila has been a stable, reliable Direct Support Professional at The Arc’s Turtle Rock IRA for 13 years. Sheila is a self-starter, who initiates the completion of routines and tasks. More importantly, Sheila goes above and beyond job expectations. As a senior staff person, Sheila sets the bar for all staff, and she sets that bar very high because of her commitment and dedication to the people she supports. Staff often comment on how they look up to Sheila. Sheila consistently role models kindness, a strong work ethic, person-centeredness, and empathy. She is the ideal DSP, who reliably puts her heart into her work every day.

Dean Evans-Arc Oneida-Lewis edit.jpg 

Dean has been employed as a Residence Manager for the past nine years by The Arc, Oneida-Lewis. He works in a small IRA with three people. The house was designed to support people on the autism spectrum with a strong focus on communication and emphasis on creating circles of support that would help the residents prosper and live a valuable life. Dean has embraced this concept and ensures each person can participate in their community and in activities that are meaningful to them. When asked why he works at The Arc, Dean says it's all about the people he supports and making a difference in their lives. Dean absolutely makes a positive impact on the lives of the people he supports! He offers stability, consistency, and a knowledge base that sometimes is difficult to achieve in today's staffing crisis.












John has a Master of Social Work degree and is a highly experienced group worker, community organizer, educator, and facilitator. John's graduate education is from Yeshiva University in New York City and State University of New York at New Paltz, NY.  

His career spans over 35 years and those years have been spent teaching direct support professionals and the people they support. Most of the people with whom he has worked and supported over the last 30 plus years are people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, at-risk youth, and people with chronic and terminal illnesses in home-care settings.

John founded his own international direct support professional consulting company in 2012 and over the last several years, in contract with the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals has developed many exciting and informative training programs and helped propel the NADSP into national/international prominence. John became NADSP’s Director of Educational Services in December of 2016. John has educated tens of thousands of people in the NADSP Code of Ethics and Competencies and most recently, the NADSP Informed Decision Making curriculum and Frontline Supervisor Train the Trainer Curriculum.