A family-based organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Position Statements

The Arc New York’s mission is to advocate for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities in every manner possible. In its advocacy role, The Arc New York is committed to a full quality of life for every person, as it recognizes the challenges of the present and has a clear vision for the future.

In this twenty-first century, The Arc New York continues to be dedicated to a primary goal that all persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families should have access to services, supports and resources that will foster the unique growth and development of every person.  To this end, The Arc New York is committed to standards of excellence in service design and delivery in every life domain. 

The environment where people live, study, work, recreate and worship must reflect an affirmation of each person’s strengths, wants, needs and desires. Services, supports and resources should be of the highest quality, individually tailored to result in positive outcomes that will enhance each person’s ability to achieve self-identified goals and aspirations in every aspect of life.  Overarching quality standards in person-centered service planning and delivery, protection and safety, community inclusion, workforce performance, quality improvement plans and governance and leadership reflect the core values of The Arc New York and all of its Chapters.

We, as parents, friends and advocates of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, recognize that all persons have value and should be able to develop to the fullest extent of their individual capacities. The Position Statements that follow represent the collective thought of all members of this Association and are presented as an evolving framework for present and future advocacy effort. 

View The Arc New York's 2023-2024 Position Statements here.