A family-based organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Advocacy Updates Archive


August 2023
  • August 11 - Standard Occupational Code, Federal Advocacy Resources, Call to Action - Preserve Medicaid Funding, OPWDD Stakeholder Survey and Strategic Plan Forums
July 2023
  • July 14 -  August Congressional Recess Webinar, Advocacy Agenda for Summer and Fall, Erik Geizer on Capitol Pressroom "Justice for All," Summit on Co-existing Mental Health Conditions
June 2023
  • June 30 - Advocacy Agenda for Summer and Fall, AHRC NYC Michael Goldfarb Memorial Symposium, OPWDD Appoints New Executive Deputy Commissioner
  • June 2 - Call to Action - DSWE, Support for OMIG Reform, Save Medicaid Update, Staten Island Advance Features Laura Kennedy, Summer Leadership Institute Registration Open
May 2023
  • May 19 - Disabilities Day Legislative Package, Updated DSWE Talking Points, Save Medicaid Campaign and Rally, Registration open for SLI
  • May 5 - Budget Highlights, DSWE Campaign, HCBS Waiver Comments, Tell Congress- Preserve Medicaid, Summer Leadership Institute
April 2023
  • April 28 - Budget Update
  • April 25 - Late Budget? We're still fighting!
  • April 21 - NADSP Advocacy Symposium, Budget Update - Keep the pressure on!, Autism Day of Action
March 2023
  • March 24 - Rally in Albany, Day of Action, Next Steps in Budget Negotiations, DSWE Memo, Arc US Campaign
  • March 15 - Senate and Assembly Include 8.5% COLA! New Call to Action! Register NOW for Rally and Forum, More Impact from Days of Action
  • March 13 - Last Push Before One-House Budget Bills, Register Now for March 23 Rally and Impact Forum, Days of Action Make an Impact
February 2023
  • February 28 - Updated Budget Strategy and Toolkit, March 10 Regional Call to Action, Workforce Crisis Radio Interview with The Arc of Monroe
  • February 17 - Budget Testimony, Advocacy Toolkit & Call to Action, Capitol Rally, Governor's Office Response to West Seneca Letter
  • February 10 - New Budget Advocacy Strategy & Toolkit, Letter to Governor on West Seneca DC Comments, Mannion Op-Ed Supporting Budget Requests, DDPC Willowbrook Screening
  • February 3 - Budget Update - Call to Action!
January 2023
  • January 25 - Social Media Day of Action TODAY!!!
  • January 23 - January 25 Social Media Day of Action, New Online Advocacy Campaigns!
  • January 13 - Budget Call to Action, Joint Legislative & Advocacy Forum, Capitol Rally, Day of Action
  • January 11 - Governor's State of the State Address, Senate & Assembly Disability Committee Assignments, Disability Law Series: Civil Rights and Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
December 2022
  • December 16 - Governor Vetoes OMIG Reform Bill, 2022 Joint Legislative & Advocacy Forum, Budget Call to Action, Federal Call to Action, State of the State January 10
  • December 2 - Comments on NYS Court Modernization for Guardianship, DSP Credentialing Grants, Budget Call to Action, Federal Call to Action, Jeffries Voted House Minority Leader
November 2022
  • November 18 - NYDA Rally Brings Hundreds to the Capitol, Healthcare Worker Bonus Expanded, Arc Herkimer CEO to Present National Webinar, 2022 Election Results, Mujica Stepping Down
  • November 4 - OPWDD Releases Strategic Plan, Register Now for November 16 Capitol Rally, Budget Advocacy Resources, DDPC Advocacy Grants
October 2022
  • October 28 - 2023 Budget Campaign Launches with Capitol Rally, Budget Advocacy Resources, White House Economic Impact Briefing
  • October 7 - NDEAM at Capitol, The Arc US PSA Campaign, Tibi Guzman Honored with National Award, Laura Kennedy to Be Next President of The Arc US, The Arc US Amicus Brief, Willowbrook Lecture
September 2022
  • September 16 - Campaign For Health Care Workers Excluded from Health Care Workforce Bonus, CEO Erik Geizer Gives Perspective on 5.07 Plan, Upcoming Willowbrook Legacy Project Events
  • September 9 - 11% Trend Factor for Special Education Schools, Assembly Hearing on OPWDD Strategic Plan, Willowbrook Legacy Events
August 2022
  • August 19 - $10M Grants for DSP Career Advancement, SUDEP Awareness Bill Becomes Law, Coalition Support of OMIG Reform, Upcoming Willowbrook Legacy Project Events
  • August 5 - Healthcare Bonus Excludes Some Staff, Call to Action: Employment Opportunities, Response to Workforce Crisis Coverage, August Resource Toolkit, Willowbrook Legacy Project Events
July 2022
  • July 27 - The Arc New York Joins Governor on ADA Anniversary for Signing of Historic Legislation, The Arc of Onondaga Hosts OPWDD Forum for Statewide Comprehensive 5.07 Plan
  • July 15 - Advocacy for Preferred Source Bill, 988 Suicide & Crisis Prevention Hotline Now Available, House Committee Approves Appropriation Bills, OPWDD Virtual 5.07 Forums
  • July 1 - Thanking the Gov. for Special Education Investment & Encouraging Further Action, Urging Gov. to Sign Legislation, Hochul Declares Victory in NYS Primary, White House Stakeholder Call
June 2022
  • June 24 - Advocacy and Resource Center Hosts OPWDD Forum, Call to Action: SSI Savings Penalty Elimination Act!
  • June 17 - Letter of Support for OMIG Legislation, National Letter Advocating for HCBS, Advocacy & Resource Center to Host OPWDD Regional Forum
  • June 10 - The Arc New York Comments on OPWDD Strategic Plan, Call to Action: Support $150 Billion Federal HCBS, Whitehouse Internships, Confirmations & Nominations
  • June 6 - Advocacy Victory for our Special Education Schools!
  • June 3 - $15 Million for Integrated Housing, Special Education Funding, Telehealth Survey, Support $150 Billion Federal HCBS, Whitehouse Stakeholder Call, Confirmations & Nominations
May 2022
  • May 27 - OPWDD Releases Draft Strategic Plan, Advocacy for Special Education Funding, Final Congressional & NYS Senate Maps Ordered
  • May 20 - Employment Advocacy Efforts, 1115 Waiver Comments, Call to Action: Special Education, Redistricting Update
  • May 13 - Urgent Call to Action: Special Education Funding, The Arc New York Action Center, HCBS Letter to NYS Congressional Delegation, School-to-Employment Webinar
  • May 6 -  Urgent Call to Action: Special Education Funding, Assembly Disabilities Awareness Day & Legislative Package, Hochul Appoints Delgado as Lt. Governor, Self-Direction Webinar
April 2022
  • April 29 - Special Education Advocacy, HCBS Funding at Risk, NYS Election Map Ruled Unconstitutional, Session Nearing End, Hochul Regional Budget Messages, Send Thanks for I/DD Investment
  • April 22 - The Arc New York Lauds Governor and Legislature for Historic Budget; Next Phase of Advocacy
  • April 15 -  FY 2022-23 Budget Overview, Next Phase of The Arc New York Advocacy
  • April 8 - Final Budget Includes Significant Investment In I/DD Field
  • April 5 - Call for 11% with ONE CLICK!
  • April 1 - Call to Action: Final Budget Negotiations! Disability Advocates Rally in Washington DC, Webinar on Protecting Coverage, Letter to President Biden on HCBS
March 2022
  • March 25 - NYDA Capitol Rally, Call to Action: Budget Advocacy Homestretch!, HCBS Hearing, HCBS Petition, Caregiver Training Bill
  • March 18 - Call to Action: NYDA Capitol Rally, Budget Updates and Advocacy Resources, Neifeld Visits Oneida-Lewis, Federal HCBS Hearing, OCR Resources, SANYS Advocacy Event
  • March 11 - NYDA Capitol Rally, Budget Updates, Willowbrook Lecture, Neifeld Congratulations, OPWDD Regulatory Agenda, DPS Registration, Support $150B HCBS Investment, SANYS Advocacy Event
  • March 4 - Kerri Neifeld Confirmed as Commissioner of OPWDD, Ongoing Budget Advocacy, Last Call: NADSP Symposium, SANYS Advocacy Event, Disability Policy Seminar Registration
February 2022
  • February 25 - Launch of The Arc Advocacy Center, Disability Policy Seminar Registration, NADSP Symposium, Senate Hearing on Employment, Summer Institute Call for Proposals
  • February 18 - Budget Testimony, Toolkit and Call to Action, Appointment of Chief Disability Officer, Supported Decision Making Comments, NADSP Symposium, Disability Policy Seminar
  • February 14 - The Arc New York Budget Testimony, Call to Action, Advocacy Toolkit
  • February 11 - Legislative Forum, Budget Hearing, Willowbrook Anniversary, Rise Up, Chief Disabilities Officer, NADSP Symposium, Federal Webinar, Neifeld Hearing, Disability Policy Seminar
  • February 4 - Joint Legislative & Advocacy Forum, The Arc Policy & Advocacy Kickoff, NADSP Advocacy Symposium, Arc US Summer Conference Proposals, Disability Policy Seminar, 988 Webinar Resources
January 2022
  • January 28 - Joint Legislative & Advocacy Forum, Disability Policy Seminar, Mental Health Emergency Number Webinar, Bill to Eliminate Marriage Penalties
  • January 21 - Detailed Executive Budget Overview, Disability Policy Seminar, 2022 Joint Legislative Budget Hearing Calendar, DATE CHANGE: Joint Legislative & Advocacy Forum
  • January 18 - Preliminary Overview of the 2022-23 Executive Budget
  • January 14 - Register for Joint Legislative Forum, Willowbrook Mile, Call to Action: Letter to Governor Hochul, Saratoga Bridges Town Meeting, Arc US Board Nominations, Neifeld Visits Rockland
  • January 7 - State of the State, Thank You to Governor & CALL TO ACTION! NYDA Rally Postponed, Residential Placement Letter, Education Parity, Advocacy Forum Registration, Hochul Appointees
December 2021
  • December 23 - Update on Build Bad Better Act, NYDA Statewide Rally, Virtual Joint Legislative & Advocacy Forum, Legislation to Help People with Disabilities
  • December 17 - Rockefeller Institute Study, The Arc New York District Impact Sheets, NYDA Legislative Forum, lohud Op-Ed, Arc US Board of Directors Nominations, Hochul Nominates OTDA Commissioner
  • December 10 - NYDA Legislative Roundtable and Budget Resources, 2022 State of the State, Build Back Better Rally, Arc US Board of Directors Nominations, Letitia James Drops, RISE UP Campaign
  • December 3 - Education Parity, HCBS Bonuses for IFC DSPs, OPWDD Home Closures, Justice Center Transparency Plan, NYDA Legislative Roundtable, 2022 Legislative Calendar, Arc US Healthcare Webinar
November 2021
  • November 19 - $1.5 Billion Approved, Advocacy Webinar, NYDA Talking Points, NYDA letter to OPWDD, Legislative Roundtable, Call to Action - Education Funding, Emeritus Panel, News Roundup, NYC Rally
  • November 5 -  Hochul Nominations for OPWDD & HSS, The Arc New York Response to DOB Call Letter and Proposed CRO regulations, NYC Workforce Rally, Advocacy Webinar, RISE UP!
October 2021
  • October 28 - Build Back Better Agenda Update, School Parity Letter, RISE UP Campaign, Advocacy Webinar Registration, Recap of Hudson Valley Rally, Hochul Nominations
  • October 22 - Rise Up Campaign, NYDA 2021-22 Legislative Agenda, The Arc NY Advocacy and Policy Webinar, Judith Heumann Session Recording, Hochul Nominations & Appointments, $11.1 Million Announced for NYS Career Centers, Employment Hearing
  • October 15 - Rise Up Campaign, Kastner Resignation, Letter to Governor Hochul, Hudson Valley Workforce Rally, Annual Meeting Advocacy Sessions, Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • October 8 -  Times Union Commentary on DSP Workforce Emergency, The Arc US 24-Hour Storytelling Vigil, Proposed Amicus Brief, New US Education Department IEP Guidance, CMS Webinar - Supporting Adults with I/DD and Their Aging Caregivers
  • October 1 - Op-Eds in Post-Standard and Newsday, The Arc NY support for education parity legislation, New Health commissioner announced, CMS Webinar, Free Britney Webinar, Minimum Wage for 2022
September 2021
  • September 24 - Response to Erik Adams' Willowbrook Comments, Southern Tier Workforce Rally a Resounding Success, Hochul Administrative Appointments, Strengthening HCBS Webinar, Competing Redistricting Maps Released, The Arc US Position Statements
  • September 17 - Senate Workforce Hearing, Times Union Exposes Failures for Critical Placements, Federal Advocacy Update Webinar Materials, Federal SSI Hearing, 1st Quarter Financial Plan, Arc US Position Statements
  • September 10 - Senate Workforce Hearing, Regulatory Reform Proposal, HBCS Budget Reconciliation and Federal Update, The Arc US Advocacy Update Webinar, Arc US Position Statements, Key Administrative Appointments, HCBS Call to Action
  • September 3 - The Arc New York to Present Oral Testimony at Senate Workforce Hearing, The Arc US Advocacy Update Webinar, National Disability Voter Registration Week, HCBS Funding: Your Voice
August 2021
  • August 26 - Message from CEO Erik Geizer, Federal District Impact Sheets, Watch Today's Workforce Rally, Federal Advocacy Update
  • August 24 - New Governor Kathleen Hochul will deliver address at 3 p.m., Workforce Rally Thursday, August 26
  • August 20 - The Arc New York Letter to OPWDD on Vaccination/Testing Mandate, Raise our Voices Campaign & Toolkit, MLK Day of Service Grant Deadline Approaching, Virtual Program Library Survey
  • August 13 - White House Roundtable, Letter to Congress, Budget Reconciliation, August Recess, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul Gives First Address, MLK Grant Deadline Approaching
  • August 6 - IDEA Funding Advocacy Alert, Senator Gillibrand Meetings, Bill Eliminating Archaic Language Signed, Schenectady Rally Success, 2022 MLK Grant Deadline, The Arc US Position Statements Update, Virtual Program Library Survey
july 2021
  • July 22 - Workforce Advocacy Campaign Toolkit, NYDA and The Arc New York NYDA Response to OPWDD/DOH, ACL 30 Year Retrospective, MLK Grant Opportunities, Upcoming Arc US Webinar
  • July 16 - Urgent: Contact Senator Schumer and Tell Him to Support HCBS, I/DD Workforce Emergency Whitepaper, NYSDOH Releases ARPA Spending Plan, OPWDD 5/1 Residential Cuts Adopted
  • July 8 - Last Chance to Get Your August Recess Swag Box! Share The Arc New York Workforce Advocacy Campaign on Social Media
  • July 1 - Call on your congressional representatives to support the Better Care Better Jobs Act and our DSP Workforce! Advocacy Letter to ACL, The Arc New York 5.07 Comments to OPWDD, The Arc US Call to Action: SSI Asset and Resource Limits
June 2021
  • June 24 - Release of Better Care Better Jobs Act and Update on Infrastructure Plan
  • June 17 - Supporting the Direct Care Workforce Campaign, The Arc US AEI Strategic Planning, Legislation Supported by The Arc New York Passes Senate and Assembly, Representatives Reintroduce SSI Restoration Act
  • June 11 - Supporting the Direct Care Workforce Campaign, Senate Roundtable Video, The Arc US HAA Webinar, CMS Summit - Supporting Adults I/DD and Their Aging Caregivers, NCE Summer Leadership Institute
  • June 7 - Call to Action - OPWDD 5.07 Plan Survey
  • June 3 - Call to Action - Special Education Funding, Workforce Summit, Federal FY 2022 Budget, The Arc US Core Values Survey, Opportunity to Support AbilityOne Program, FFS Quarterly Committee Meeting, DSP Toolkit, Workforce Advocacy
May 2021
  • May 27 - Workforce Summit, Senate Roundtable, Legislative Disabilities Awareness Day Resolution and Bills, NYDA HCBS Proposals, ARPA HCBS Funding Webinar, 300+Organizations Support HCBS, DSP Toolkit, HCBS Access Act Webinar
  • May 21 - Sullivan County Democrat Story, Representatives Introduce Direct CARE Opportunity Act, New Resources to Rally Advocates Around Proposed Disability Funding, OPWDD Regional Forums HCBS Access Act Webinar
  • May 13 - CMS Releases Guidance on State use of ARPA Funds, OPWDD Announces Regional Forums for Statewide Comprehensive Plan, OPWDD Responds to Senator Mannion on Residential Cuts, NYS HERO Act, The HCBS Access Act Webinar, AHRC NYC Symposium
  • May 6 - Call to Action: Special Education Funding, Oppose OPWDD Cuts!, Kirk Lewis on Capitol Pressroom, CMS Webinar on Technology and Integration, AHRC NYC Symposium
April 2021
  • April 29 - Legislative Opposition to Proposed Cuts and Call to Action!, Virtual Autism Action Day TONIGHT, #MedicaidCantWait, NCOA Grant Opportunity for New Benefits Enrollment Centers, HRC NYC Symposium
  • April 23- NYDA Comments & Call to Action on Proposed Cuts, SSI Asset Limit Letter, Sen. Mannion Bill Package, Federal "Skinny" Budget, Willowbrook Lecture Now Available, #MedicaidCantWait, AHRC NYC Symposium, Arc US Fundraising Webinar
  • April 15 - Elimination of "MR" Language from NYS Social Services Law, NYC Fair Virtual Town Halls Next Week, DSP Workforce and COVID-19 Survey Results, CMS Webinar on Direct Support Workforce, Arc US Webinar: Fundraising Events for the Future
  • April 8 - NYS Budget Update, Deadline Approaching to Submit a Session Proposal for National Convention, Last Call to Register for Disability Policy Seminarty Policy Seminar Registration and Update
  • April 1 - NYS Budget Update & Call to Action, President Biden Unveils American Jobs Plan, Deadline Approaching to Submit a Session Proposal for National Convention, Disability Policy Seminar
March 2021
  • March 25 - Call to Action: NYS Budget Advocacy - The Final Stretch, Virtual Rally, Annual Willowbrook Lecture, Disability Policy Seminar
  • March 19 - NYS Senate and Assembly One-house Budget Bills, Call to Action - Virtual Rally, Home and Community Based Services Access Act, Disability Policy Seminar Registration and Update
  • March 11 - American Rescue Plan, Schenectady ARC Virtual Rally Tomorrow! Registration Now Open for the Disability Policy Seminar, Grant Opportunity, Fundraising Resources
  • March 5 - The Arc New York Budget Advocacy Gaining Momentum, Past President of The Arc New York Elected to National Leadership Position, Major Victory for Dedicated Funding for HCBS Services, Registration Open for Disability Policy Seminar, Grant Opportunity, Fundraising Resources
February 2021
  • February 25 - 2021 Budget Update and Advocacy Plan  
  • February 18 - Call to Action - Online Advocacy Campaign, Joint Legislative Policy & Advocacy Forum, Fight for Federal HCBS Funding, Federal Minimum Wage Increase to $15, Opportunity to Present at 2021 NCE Summer Leadership Institute 
  • February 12 - Call to Action - The Arc New York Advocacy Against Budget Cuts, Online Advocacy Campaign, Joint Legislative Budget Hearing, Executive Budget Advocacy Materials, Joint Legislative Policy & Advocacy Forum, Virtual Rally, NPR Coverage of Pandemic Risk and Response for People with I/DD, Opportunity to Present at the 2021 NCE Summer Leadership Institute 
  • February 5  -  The Arc New York Budget Testimony and NYDA Advocacy Materials, Registration Open for Joint Legislative Policy and Advocacy Forum, Biden Administration Extends Pandemic Health Emergency and Funding, Opportunity to Present at the 2021 NCE Summer Leadership Institute  
  • January 28 -  Registration Open for Joint Legislative Policy and Advocacy Forum, Lawmakers Urge Governor to Prioritize 1A Vaccination Group, The Arc US Resources and Opportunities 
  • January 21 - Campaign for Vaccine Priority for New Yorkers With I/DD, Update - 2012-22 New York State Budget, Joint Legislative Budget Hearings, Legislative Policy and Advocacy Forum, The Arc US Resources and Opportunities 
  • January 19 - Preliminary Overview of the 2021-22 Executive Budget
  • January 14 - Campaign for Vaccination Priority for New Yorkers With I/DD, NYDA Letter to Governor Cuomo Concerning DSP Crisis, Developmental Disability Providers File Preliminary Injunction, Highlights from Governor Cuomo's First State of the State Address, Federal Updates from The Arc of the US, Introduction the The Arc of the US Chapter Portal 
  • January 11 - Vaccine Priority for New Yorkers with I/DD, New Committees for Developmental Disabilities in NYS Legislature, Highlights from Governor Cuomo's First State of the State Address 
December 2020 
  • December 21 -  Cuomo Signs Power of Attorney Legislation Championed by NYSARC Trust Services, OPWDD Amendments to Reimbursement Regulations for Day Service Mealtimes, HHS Disperses $24.5 Billion Through Phase 3 of Provider Relief Fund, Comments and Recommendations on Proposed HCBS Waiver Amendments, Save Our Services Phone Campaign 
  • December 7 - Call to Action: Vaccine Prioritization for New Yorkers with I/DD
  • December 3 - Inclusion International's Virtual Family Summit, Save Our Services Zoom Rally, COVID-19 Vaccine - Share Your Story, The Arc of the US National Update, President-Elect Biden's Plan to Support I/DD Services, Calls to Action and Advocacy Resources