A family-based organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

State Office

The main phone number for the State Office located in Latham, New York is (518) 439-8311. If you have questions or feedback for a specific area, please refer to our directory below and dial the appropriate extension or click on the name to send them an email.

Executive Office

Executive Director
Mark van Voorst, Ext. 206

Executive and Board Administrator
Bridget Farrell, Ext. 203

Deputy Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer
Cyndi Borozny, Ext. 238

Deputy Executive Director & Corporate Compliance Officer
Erik Geizer, Ext. 217

Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel
Kate Jerian, Ext. 223

Associate Executive Director for Governmental Affairs
Philip Aydinian , Ext. 207

Associate Executive Director for Program Services
John Kemmer, Ext. 218

Associate Executive Director for Quality and Compliance 
Josh Christiana, Ext. 210 

Associate Executive Director for Communications 
Kate Geurin, Ext. 289

Associate Executive Director for Human Resources  
Jennifer Jones, Ext. 319

Assistant Executive Director for Guardianship Services
Erica Berman, Ext. 220

Assistant Executive Director for Member Services & Special Projects
Susan Brandt, Ext. 208

Assistant Executive Director for Information Services
Robert Goodman, Ext. 214

Assistant General Counsel 
John Dow, Ext. 228

Director of Quality Improvement and Compliance
Angela Charlap, Ext. 211 

Director of Financial Analysis and Planning 
Carol Drozd, Ext. 230

Quality and Compliance Specialist
Michael McIntyre, Ext. 226

Executive Administrative Assistant
Angela DeZalia-Diacovo, Ext. 360