Leadership & Staff

The Arc New York is a family-led organization supported by a Board of Governors, Executive Committee, State Office, and Executive Directors Association. For a list of our current board members and staff, please click on the headings below:

Board of Governors

The Arc New York and its 45 Chapters are governed by a 45-member Board of Governors that meets four times each year and determines our organization's strategic plan and advocacy priorities. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors consists of the elected officers of The Arc New York, the immediate past president, and at least one representative from a developmental center Chapter. The Executive Committee meets, as needed, during the intervals between the Board of Governors meetings.

State Office 

The State Office fulfills the corporate responsibilities of this statewide organization, and provides support and technical assistance to our Chapters in various operational capacities, including programs and services, guardianship, legal, financial, quality, compliance, and service delivery transformation. The State Office also advocates at the state and federal level on various budget, legislative, and regulatory issues.

Executive Directors Association

The Executive Directors Association is a professional leadership organization that supports The Arc New York by encouraging growth and development of quality services for people with disabilities, influencing public policy, developing innovations in service delivery, and providing professional participation to the governing structure of The Arc New York.